About Us


Lontoh & Partners was first established as Lontoh & Kailimang in 1984 and since 1 October 2006, the firm changed its name to Lontoh & Partners. Lontoh & Partners Law Office lays down the utmost esteem on fairness and integrity, as it renders its expertise in criminal, civil litigation, corporate law and legal consulting.

Law Firm Lontoh & Partners motto’s :

Reputation based on achievement“,

in order to attain that goal we create a working culture which emphasizes on the principle of partnership in carrying out on job professionally.

The firm continously maintains a perfect balance beetwen professionalism and idealism, conforms a standard of profession accordingly while honoring code of ethics, moral values and civil rights. Our determination to endorse the ongoing development of the national legal system provides a strong foothold as it embraces and progress through change in Indonesian Law.

The Founders

The success of Lontoh & Partners Law Office is due in in many ways to the close-knit collaboration between its founders Mr Rudhy A. Lontoh and Mr. Edward N. Lontoh

Our Lawyers

Our lawyers are our most valuable asset. They bring experience, knowledge, commitment and verve. Our reputation inevitably rests on the integrity, knowledge and professionalism of our lawyers.

We are the best reviewed Criminal Defence Law Firm in the Indonesia.

If you want to be represented by the best law firm for your case then do not hesitate and write us a mail!