The Founders

The success of Lontoh & Partners Law Office is due in in many ways to the close-knit collaboration between its founders Mr Rudhy A. Lontoh and Mr. Edward N. Lontoh. Their distinct characters and personalities coalesce into a solid synergy. Mr.Rudhy A. Lontoh is a reserved character who prefers to work in the background and out of the limelight, assuming leadership by providing exampled guidance and vision to the firm. Complementing Mr. Rudhy A. Lontoh is Mr. Edward N. Lontoh recognized for his dynamic and inspiring personality and who is actively involved in professional organizations.

Mr. Rudhy Abraham Lontoh

Mr. Rudhy Lontoh is one of the firm’s founding partners and prominent lawyer in Indonesia.  He has had more than 40 years experience with a most distinguished career in the legal services sector as well as in the non-legal sector.  Mr. Rudhy Lontoh is the founding member of the Indonesian Bar Association and the Jakarta Lawyers Club.  Mr. Rudhy Lontoh is currently a member of the Honorary Board of the Indonesian Bar Association and the Capital Market Legal Consultant Association (HKPM).

Mr. Edward N. Lontoh

Mr. Edward N. Lontoh is one of the firm’s founding partners.  Mr. Edward Lontoh’s in depth corporate, capital markets and strong litigation backgrounds  provides a unique and highly respected corporate/commercial litigation practice which Mr. Edward Lontoh specializes in.  Mr. Edward Lontoh earned his master of law and business degrees from the Northwestern University School of Law and Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  Mr. Edward Lontoh is the vice chairman of the Indonesian Bar Association in charge of the Government and Inter Organizations Relations and Chairman of the Basic Education Department of the Capital Market Legal Consultant Association (HKHPM).  Mr. Edward Lontoh is actively involved the academic and social activities. Mr. Edward Lontoh is also a member of the Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA).

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